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Career Overview

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What They Do


Plan, direct, or coordinate, usually through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, and systems. Participate in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling, budgeting, and implementation. Includes managers in specialized construction fields, such as carpentry or plumbing

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Job Duties

  • Negotiate project specifications.

  • Manage construction activities.

  • Develop operating strategies, plans, or procedures.

  • Supervise employees.

  • Prepare financial documents, reports, or budgets.

  • Evaluate green operations or programs for compliance with standards or regulations.

  • Determine operational compliance with regulations or standards.

  • Direct facility maintenance or repair activities.

  • Estimate labor requirements.

  • Investigate industrial or transportation accidents.

  • Prepare forms or applications.

  • Implement organizational process or policy changes.

  • Develop environmental remediation or protection plans.

  • Develop procedures to evaluate organizational activities.

  • Purchase materials, equipment, or other resources.

  • Communicate organizational information to customers or other stakeholders.

  • Communicate organizational policies and procedures.

  • Analyze data to determine project feasibility.

  • Estimate green project costs.

  • Model operational processes.

  • Analyze forecasting data to improve business decisions.

  • Train employees on environmental awareness, conservation, or safety topics.

  • Recruit personnel.

  • Prepare operational budgets for green energy or other green operations.

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Job Earnings


In New York State, the lower 10% of the pay scale falls in the $32.95 per hour range with the median rate at $57.69 per hour.  Those at the top of the pay scale may make in excess of $100 per hour.

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Education/Training Requirements


In the Project Management field, 27% of people entering this career come directly out of high school, start as a construction laborer, and work their way up.  Another 27% hold a Bachelor's degree in a construction management or related field.  In addition, 24 have an Associate's degree or a combination of some college and some work experience and the balance hold a Master's degree or higher.

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Job Outlook & Growth


Employment of Project Managers in New York State has a very favorable outlook.  The state anticipates 1,770 new positions each year through job creation, attrition, and retirement replacement.

Career Pathway

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Middle & High School Opportunities

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Local Colleges/Training

Local Career Connection

Jim Wasley, Project Manager

Genesee Construction Services

Dansville, NY

Deeper Dive

Jon Merle, Site Foreman

Genesee Construction Services

Dansville, NY

Where Can I Work?

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