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Grower & Labor Manager

Career Overview

What They Do

A Greenhouse Manager will oversee the production and care of a variety of crops (flowers, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, berries or lettuce) including but not limited to propagation, irrigation, pest control, routine maintenance and harvest. A Greenhouse Manager will be responsible for training staff members and delegating daily tasks to up to 100 employees. A Greenhouse manager will be well rounded with knowledge in crop and soil sciences as well as people management and conflict resolution.

Job Duties

  • Conduct routine crop analysis 

  • Track and benchmark yield and quality metrics 

  • Understand chemical analyses, plant physiology and biological processes

  • Scout greenhouse for invasive pests and implement and execute a control plan

  • Make varietal selections based on yields, cultural behaviors and market trends

  • Research, trail and implement new technologies or cultural practices to improve efficiencies or yields

  • Problem solve or improvise on a daily basis 

  • Effectively communicate to up to 100 employees

  • Develop, implement and routinely improve field training practices and SOPs

  • Manage a dynamic and complex labor plan 

  • Identify Key Performance indicators and benchmark progress 

  • Operate highly specialized equipment, safely and effectively

Job Earnings

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Median Annual Salary: $75,000

Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $55,000

Top 10% Annual Salary: $100,000

Education/Training Requirements

A Bachelor's of Science degree is usually required for entry-level greenhouse growers.  Degrees in plant science, agronomy, horticulture, controlled environment agriculture, biology, chemistry & biochemistry, and business & agribusiness are applicable.

Job Outlook & Growth

Demand for greenhouse grown fruits, vegetables and other products continue to grow on an annual basis. Customers have looked to greenhouse grown items when looking for local, safer and more sustainable food. Other greenhouse items have been introduced in recent years including medicinal and recreational marijuana.

Career Pathway

Ways to Start Preparing for Your Future Career TODAY!

Middle & High School Opportunities

Local Colleges/Training

Local Career Connection

Mark Mancale, Labor Director

Intergrow Greenhouses

Albion, NY

Deeper Dive

Cornell Cooperative Extension Helping Grow Urban Agriculture in New York City

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Partnering Together at the Organic Farm


Where Can I Work?

Local GLOW Companies With Greenhouse Jobs
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