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Career Overview

What They Do


An animal nutritionist specializes in the food selection, maintenance eating programs and modifications of diets to ensure all dietary needs are met and/or that desired outcomes are attained for animals in captivity under their supervision in homes, farms, and/or zoos. They research and keep up-to-date with new studies and nutritional recommendations for health conditions and diseases.  Animal nutritionists apply their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and nutrition to create both nutritional and lifestyle plans for animals in their care.

Job Duties

  • Observe animals’ behavior and eating habits

  • Understand current feed rations and nutritional value

  • Understand the farm and end use for the animals to better formulate a diet

  • Educate farmer on appropriate diets and preparation of food

  • Determine performance benchmarks

  • Conduct and evaluate dietary studies

  • Monitor aspects of feed manufacturing and quality control

  • Advise on product development and marketing strategies

  • Provide nutritional information to consumer market

  • Monitor aspects of feed manufacturing and quality control

  • Research alternative raw product inputs

  • Assist in keeping records of antibiotics, medicines, etc.

Job Earnings


Median Annual Salary: $72,003

Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $58,805

Top 10% Annual Salary: $88,369

Education/Training Requirements


A Bachelor of Science degree is usually required for entry-level animal nutritionists.  While many colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in animal science, nutritionists may hold degrees in a variety of majors including:  animal nutrition, biology, biochemistry, dietetics, business, food science or nutrition.  If you are interested in becoming a researcher or teacher, a Masters or Ph.D. is required, especially at the collegiate level.

Job Outlook & Growth

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Careers in animal nutrition are expected to grow at about 7% from 2016-2026, with additional growth as production methods and techniques evolve.  There are many opportunities in research, manufacturing and sales for animal nutritionists.

Career Pathway

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Middle & High School Opportunities

Local Colleges/Training

Local Career Connection

Chase Chashell, Animal Nutritionist

Cargill, Inc.

Batavia, NY

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Where Can I Work?

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