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Career Overview

What They Do


Plumbers assemble, install, or repair pipes, fittings, or fixtures of heating, water, or drainage systems, according to specifications or plumbing codes.

Job Duties

  • Install plumbing or piping.

  • Weld metal components.

  • Record operational or environmental data.

  • Maintain plumbing structures or fixtures.

  • Inspect plumbing systems or fixtures.

  • Direct construction or extraction personnel.

  • Mark reference points on construction materials.

  • Measure materials or objects for installation or assembly.

  • Cut metal components for installation.

  • Review blueprints or specifications to determine work requirements.

  • Estimate construction project labor requirements.

  • Estimate construction project costs.

  • Inspect work sites to determine condition or necessary repairs.

  • Install green plumbing or water handling systems.

  • Cut openings in existing structures.

  • Communicate with clients about products, procedures, and policies.

  • Estimate materials requirements for projects.

  • Install solar energy systems.

  • Test green technology installations to verify performance.

Job Earnings


In New York State, the starting salary as a plumber/s assistant is around $17 per hour, the median salary is $31 per hour and the high end of the pay scale is $58.50 per hour.

Education/Training Requirements


People starting in this career usually have:

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • No work experiences

  • A plan to follow an apprenticeship

Job Outlook & Growth


In New York State projects the  total number of annual openings at 4,290  which makes employment prospects for this occupation Excellent.

Career Pathway

Ways to Start Preparing for Your Future Career TODAY!

Middle & High School Opportunities


Local Colleges/Training


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Where Can I Work?

Local GLOW Companies With Plumber Jobs
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