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Artificial Insemination

Career Overview

What They Do


An artificial insemination (A.I.) technician uses specific tools to insert semen into female animals to assist with impregnation in the breeding of livestock species. An A.I. technician must understand animal anatomy to ensure correct placement of semen in the reproductive tract. They store, transport, thaw and prepare semen for insemination, offer reproductive consultation to breeders and farmers, and perform pregnancy checks on animals.

Job Duties

  • Provide A.I. services to clients

  • Maintain proper sanitation

  • Store, transport, thaw and prepare semen for insemination

  • Promote new and current products/services to customers

  • Offer reproductive consultation to breeders and farmers

  • Perform pregnancy checks on animals

  • Use humane handling practices when working with the animals

  • Oversee and assist with heat detection

  • Work closely with farm supervisors to better understand an operation and its goals

  • Keep records of insemination services

  • Give vaccinations as needed

Job Earnings


Annual Average Salary: $46,074

Education/Training Requirements

A high school diploma is required.  An associates or bachelors degree in animal, poultry, or equine science is beneficial, but not required.  In order to perform certified work, certification from programs that meet the recommended standards of the National Association of Animal Breeders is preferred.

Job Outlook & Growth

Source: New York State Department of Lavor

The future outlook for an artificial insemination technician  in New York State is considered to be good over the next five years, with growth of over 10,900 jobs projected.

Career Pathway

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Howard Klein,

Artificial Insemination Technician

Linwood Management Group

Linwood, NY

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Artificial Insemination Tech


AI Technique

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