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Technician Repairs Tractor

Mobile Service


Career Overview

What They Do

Source: NY Department of Labor & Matt Hibbard, LandPro Equipment

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul over-the-road and off-road equipment including trucks and buses, farm machinery, construction equipment, and other heavy equipment. In addition to the diesel engine systems found on such equipment, diesel technicians also perform these tasks on non-engine systems including transmissions & drivetrain, electrical & electronics, hydraulics & pneumatics, and air conditioning systems.

Job Duties

Source: Matt Hibbard, LandPro Equipment
  •  Perform routine maintenance on diesel powered equipment

  •  Troubleshoot mechanical systems using knowledge and understanding of systems

  •  Diagnose system faults using state-of-the-art diagnostic test equipment

  •  Perform repairs to system components

  •  Inspect machines for potential mechanical issues and downtime prevention

  •  Inspect machines for safety concerns

  •  Generate customer quotes based on estimated repair time and cost of parts 

  •  Write up work order details for customers as well as manufacturer warranty claims

  •  Participate in continuing education / training

  •  Assist with normal shop cleanup and maintenance tasks

  • Account for all time and materials used on each job

Job Earnings

Source: NY Department of Labor

Median Annual Salary: $52,000 (average depending on industry)

Over-the-Road Trucks & Buses: $56,230/year 

Agriculture Equipment: $41,460/year

Heavy Construction Equipment: $57,680/year 

Education/Training Requirements

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics & Matt Hibbard, LandPro Equip.

Although most diesel service technicians and mechanics learn on the job after a high school education, employers are increasingly preferring applicants who have completed postsecondary training programs in diesel engine and machinery system diagnostics and repair. In addition, industry certifications are important. These certifications could be universal such as ASE Automotive or EPA air conditioning certifications, or they could be manufacturer specific. Most companies will provide paid training for non-certified employees to achieve these certifications and require them in order to advance in a career path. However, many postsecondary programs incorporate these certifications into their curriculums so that the students / employees can go straight into more advanced training and / or accelerate their career path.

Job Outlook & Growth

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics & NY Department of Labor

In 2019 there were 535,690 diesel technicians in the United States with 16,900 in New York State. Broken down by industry U.S. / NY there were 281,300 / 13,150 in over-the-road trucks and buses, 36,290 / 640 in agricultural equipment, and 218,100 / 3,110 in construction & heavy equipment. The anticipated growth rate for these jobs over the next 10 years is 3%.

Career Pathway

Ways to Start Preparing for Your Future Career TODAY!

Middle & High School Opportunities

Source: Matt Hibbard, LandPro Equipment

Local Colleges/Training

Source: Matt Hibbard, LandPro Equipment

Local Career Connection

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Deeper Dive

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Where Can I Work?

Local GLOW Companies With Mobil Service Technician Jobs
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